“…the leader in super premium gin”



In 2014, a group of friends came together to create a new kind of distillery. One founded with a vision to produce handcrafted, sustainable spirits of uncompromising quality.
From the iconic bottle to the delicious liquid inside, Silent Pool Gin is a symbol for uncompromising quality.

Blending the classic style of London Dry gin with contemporary floral notes, Silent Pool Gin is truly special. It has been recognised and awarded internationally. All making for a stunning gin experience, which is remarkably complex yet pleasing on the palette.

Silent Pool Gin is now a clear leader in the super premium gin category.

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Silent Pool Gin

Made in Surrey with 24 botanicals, Silent Pool Gin is an award-  winning classic London Dry with a contemporary twist. A full-boded, complex spirit enhanced with delicate florals, fresh  citrus and velvety local honey for a smooth light finish. Loved  locally, recognised internationally.

• UK’s best selling super premium Gin. Now available across the globe in 40 markets.

• Locally sourced botanicals capture the essence of the  Silent Pool and the surrounding Surrey Hills.

• Unique tea infusion process draws out the delicate floral  notes for a light smooth finish.

• Absolutely no artificial ingredients are used, this is a natural blend of botanicals.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Rare Citrus is a naturally distilled and masterfully blended  spirit that uses some of the world’s rarest citrus fruits to create  a refreshingly distinctive and beautifully aromatic gin.

This innovative and alluring gin opens up further serve options at the  bar and creates an opportunity for the consumer to explore the  brand further. Also draws new gin drinkers towards the brand.

• Expertly blend some of the world’s rarest citrus varieties

• Made with natural, unprocessed ingredients and no artificial  flavours

• Uses the same ingenious 4-tiered production approach used  to create our signature gin

• Every drop is distilled and bottled at our distillery on the banks  of the Silent Pool

Silent Pool Rose Expression Gin

The classic Silent Pool Gin recipe enhanced with Rose flavour  notes. The Expression series is as equally complex, intricate  and individual as our core gins. Special edition opens up  further serve options at the bar and creates an opportunity for the consumer to explore the brand further.

• We have taken the Silent Pool Classic recipe and enhanced the rose petal notes using a rose tea infusion.

• No artificial flavours are used, this is a natural blend of botanicals.

• Light, elegant and smooth with vetiver and cardamom blended perfectly on the palette.

• Rose builds on the tongue and finishes with citrus and spice.

The Greenman Woodland Gin

The world’s first spirit to be packaged in a cardboard bottle. Lightweight, carbon-friendly and 100% recyclable.

Inspired by The Green Man, an enigmatic and elusive figure of legend who embodies the power of nature ad the free spirit of the forest.

Top notes of fresh and clarifying pine, fir and rich birch leaf give way to a more herbal, green mid-palate including Macedonian juniper, rose hips and apple. Enjoy a long finish with woody, rooty notes coming through from Bosnian juniper, fennel seeds, dandelion and burdock root.