“…blenders and bottlers of the finest scotch whiskies”


Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd. is a family company with an unrivalled pedigree as blenders and bottlers of the finest scotch whisky. Starting work with his father as a young man, company founder Stewart H. Laing has spent almost fifty years in the industry – first as a blender, and latterly also as a bottler of some of the finest single cask scotch whiskies in the market. Stewart learned the whisky industry the hard way – working as an apprentice at Bruichladdich distillery on Islay before joining his father in the export business.

Accompanying his father Frederick until his death in 1982, Stewart travelled the world selling the company’s brands – blends which were frequently best-sellers in the company’s main markets of Asia and South America. In order to create those whiskies, Frederick purchased and laid down many hundreds of casks from distilleries all over Scotland – many of which, sadly, have long since closed. These casks however are still with the company, and it is due to Frederick Laing’s foresight that they are still able to taste these exceptional whiskies.

Today, Stewart is joined by his sons Scott and Andrew at Hunter Laing. As single cask bottlers in their own right, they know the importance of selecting the choicest casks – there are few more knowledgeable consumers of a product than the single malt consumer. It is their goal that in the years ahead Hunter Laing & Co. Ltd will continue to be regarded as one of the most respected and trusted names in the scotch whisky market.

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Islay is a mysterious island, offering us rare gifts from nature. Here, at the heart of the island, our unique form of alchemy fuses craft and cask with time, sea and air. Invented by one of Islay’s most curiously-minded sons, the iconic sunshine recorder captures the time and strength of the sun.  Likewise, our curious minds and exacting eye allow us to capture all of Islay’s natural gifts – and celebrate them in our whisky. The reward for the watchful, the patient, the curious. Scarabus. Only those who seek shall find

Tasting Notes: Islay peat smoke and sea salt on the nose, followed by warming leather notes and a wonderful vanilla sweetness in the mouth, leading to a rich, lingering finish.


To create this outstanding blend of fine Scotch malt whisky we have selected whiskies from the very finest distilleries to be found in the Scottish Highlands. The balance of smoothness and complexity of flavour and aroma comes from blending whiskies, some of which have been matured in American oak casks and some in Spanish sherry casks. Stewart Hunter Laing’s journey began more than sixty years ago when his father took him, as a boy, on the train from Glasgow to the Highlands visiting places such as Blair Athol, Clynelish and Glen Garioch.

Tasting Notes: A golden coloured whisky with a robust, full bodied nose of rich, sweet aromas such as vanilla custard, fudge, toffee apples and puff candy. Creamy and buttery on the palate it is initially sweet before developing with vanilla custard powder, apricots, peaches and pears like a fruit salad. A relatively short finish – sweet with hints of oak and nuts.


The journey to Islay is not an easy one. Getting there takes time but the island, like its whisky, is worth the effort. We have made this trip for generations and will continue to do so, bringing back some of the best malt whiskies Islay has to offer. To create this outstanding blend of fine Scotch malt whisky we have selected whiskies from the very finest distilleries to be found on the iconic Isle of Islay. The balance of smoothness, and complexity of flavour and aroma comes from blending whiskies some of which have been matured in Bourbon hogshead.

Tasting Notes: The aroma of this Blended Malt Whisky is redolent with notes of smoke, ash, and tar, whilst in the mouth there are pungent notes of peat, brine and seaweed.