“…from our farms to your table”


The world’s first farm-to-table Irish cream liqueur, this product had to be sourced and produced in a place that embodies the lush richness of the Irish countryside and the authentic traditions of Ireland itself. That place is County Cork, Ireland. County Cork is Ireland’s largest and southernmost county, home to family owned farms that dot the coastline where land meets sea. The mild climate and abundant rainfall result in fertile farmland for dairy cattle.

Happy cows are believed to produce higher quality milk, and the cows of County Cork spend their days basking in the fresh sea air and grazing on vibrant green grass. County Cork is also home to the centuries-old tradition of distilling authentic Irish Whiskey. The rich heritage of County Cork and its people provides the foundation for Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur. Single-batches of cream are collected weekly from family owned farms and The single-batch cream is blended and bottled within 48 hours of collection.

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Five Farms Irish Cream Liqueur

An inviting nose of butterscotch, caramel fondue, and vanilla bean jumps from the glass. The lush palate coats the mouth with flavours of coffee with fresh cream, Dulce de Leche, coconut, maple, and Belgian waffles. An intensely satisfying after dinner sipper in place of dessert.

• Rich dairy cream, with the highest butterfat content possible for an Irish Cream Liqueur
• Contains 10 times the Irish Whiskey content to that of other Irish Cream Liqueurs.  This provides an intensity of whiskey flavour and warmth
• Wide-mouthed glass bottle in the old milk bottle style
• Swing-top closure allows for reusability
• Black glass based on a traditional Irish milk bottle
• Metal handle makes it easy to carry