“…a pioneering company and one that is at the forefront of the premium drinks category”


Drinksology Kirker Greer are Belfast based and are an independent brand owner of an innovative portfolio of Global drinks brands.  They are a pioneering company and one that is at the forefront of the premium drinks category.

Ginato with its distinctive Italian style designed label sums up the essence of Italy.  The range using grapes and citrus fruits from Italy includes the Original Pinot Grigio Gin which makes an amazing Ginato Pinot Grigio Spritz. The Ginato range includes Pinot Grigio, Pompelmo, Melograno and Clementino variants.

Ukiyo Japanese Gin and Vodka are born in Japan and are made from a base of traditional Japanese Shōchū and Awamori spirits.  The term Ukiyo refers to a state of mind emphasising living in the moment, detached from the difficulties of life. 

Ukiyo Blossom Gin and Ukiyo Yuzu Gin are made from a harvest of barley that is first distilled into a traditional Japanese pot still Shōchū spirit. This Shōchū spirit is redistilled in a traditional pot still with Juniper, Mandarin and Spice before infusing the delicate taste of Sakura flower and Yuzu.

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A range of refreshingly bright citrus-flavoured gins from Italy, incorporating juniper berries from the rolling hills of Tuscany, as well as the finest Italian-grown grapes from the north of the country, for a unique twist.

The classic Italian gin is blended with ripe, juicy citrus from the sunny south, to create four delicious gins that exude the true essence of Italy.

Enjoy over ice with mediterranean tonic, and a wedge of orange, lemon or grapefruit as a garnish.

Japanese Blossom Gin

In Japan, there’s a fleeting period during spring when the sakura (cherry) blossoms are in full bloom. In a tradition known as ‘Hanami’ the people head out to celebrate the cascading of these blooms and the change of season.

PRINCIPAL NOTES – Juniper, Cherry Blossom, Orange

BACKGROUND NOTES – Parma Violet, Coriander, Woody Spice

Japanese Yuzu Gin

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is cultivated and beloved within Japan. Visually similar to a lemon but with a powerful fragrance, unique herbal notes, mild bitterness, and a less sharp acid flavour.

PRINCIPAL NOTES – Juniper, Yuzu Citrus, Bitter Orange, Coriander

BACKGROUND NOTES – Pine, Lavender, Matcha Tea

Japanese Rice Vodka

Rice is so important in Japanese society that it has been called the essence of the culture. Harvesting this knowledge and the traditional techniques results in a rice vodka of exceptional purity and finesse.

PRINCIPAL NOTES – Soft, Sweet, Floral