Mar 01

MOB33® Gold Heist launches, winning Gold Medal at the Rum and Cachaca Masters 2021

Today, Legacy Brands Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of an innovative and distinctive entrant into the Rum category. MOB33® is a tongue in cheek, rebellious brand, inspired by the mischievous antics of the characters born of the Prohibition era.

More than a simple Golden Rum, MOB33® Gold Heist is a blend of 5, 3 and 2 year old Latin American and Caribbean Golden Rums.

We have added a splash of the infamous Jamaican funk to the blend of Dominican Republic and Venezuelan Rums and have fused these, for a light, Spanish style, with the vivid flavours and character of Rum from Barbados. All our Rums are distilled using ‘pot & column’ stills and have no added sugar, additives or colouring. Gold Heist is vegan-friendly, GMO-free and has been aged in ex-bourbon oak casks.

As part of the product testing and validation process, Legacy Brands entered Gold Heist to the Spirits Business Rum and Cachaca Masters 2021 and the verdict is a unanimous GOLD.

“With the interminable lockdown feeding our rebellious nature, we wanted to approach the Rum category with creativity and to challenge the classic approach to making quality Rums; building on the traditions of age and origin, we have been able to demonstrate that blending the best of the Caribbean creates a fantastically complex Rum!

We are committed to making the MOB33® brand a success in the Global Travel Retail sector, MOB33® GOLD HEIST is a premium, accessible Rum, aimed at millennial and open-minded consumers who want to satisfy their inquisitive nature. Gold Heist will be the first of a number of innovative players under the MOB33® brand that will bring new attitude and credibility to the Spirits category.”

Gary Squire (CEO, Legacy Brands)

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